Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ihimbo Solar Pump

I visited Ihimbo on Sunday with the Kilolo Star crew. They videotaped at Ihimbo Lutheran parish. Ron showed me the solar pump that Kilolo Star installed at Ihimbo Dispensary for St Paul Partners.  The pump was working well and is connected to a 2000 liter storage tank which is plumbed to a bank of toilets and showers for patients.  The solar panels come from the US and the pump and control box comes from China. Ron said that the same pump is commonly used in the Western US.  The well is 70' deep and they drilled through 30 ' of rock to get water.   There is one water tap that has been used by the village because it is easier than pumping with the adjacent hand pump.  At Church, Kilolo Star was thanked for the wells for the dispensary and a request for more wells was made to serve the 2500 people in the village.  They mentioned a government well which is no longer working and perhaps that will be a well we can restore as part of our well restoration and sustainability program.

The well head with power coming in black tube.

Ron in front of the solar panel.


The well head and the raised storage tank.

The adjacent Kilolo Star hand pump well.

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