Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Image Well Status

Engineer Byemerwa went out to Image again to check the performance of the pump and collect a water sample.  He also needed to check a new water source at the base of the mountain that was to be inaugurated  the next day with a celebration with the Kilolo acting commissioner.  The extra pipe had been sent and used to connect all the way to the 3000 liter tank at the kitchen.  This tank was filled from the well the night before in an hour. 

  We started the pump again and ran at full speed to see if any dry run errors occurred.  It looks like the well can deliver about 3000 liters of water running at full speed.  There is a tee at the kitchen tank that connects to a water system that can fill the 2000 liter tanks at the 6 dorms and also connect to the 5000 liter tank.  Image has an experienced water system technician who can do this work.  The only warning messages we saw were undervoltage readings at 210 V which the generator is not quite stable.  The pump speed was slightly reduced when these warnings occurred (from 10,700 to 10,400) and the motor stop point for undervoltage isn't hit until 150 V.  The pump temperature was running at 56 C (Shut off temp is 85 C and restart temp is 75 C so this is running cool).

We collected a water sample at the end of the pipe using a sterile whirl pack and set up two colilert tubes to test for bacterial contamination.  After 17 hours of incubation attached to my body they show no contamination.  I tasted a little bit of the water and it is not salty but there is some fine silt that makes the water cloudy coming from the well.  This silt settled from the water sample in the whirl pack overnight to leave totally clear, colorless water.
Kitchen Tank has tap in kitchen near by.

Tee at tank, left to girls dorms and right to boys.

Termite mud trail leading up to ceiling, trail to the left had been broken.

Termite damage at window in computer room where control box is mounted.

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