Sunday, June 26, 2011

Masumbo Water Project

Excerpted from Mathew Amani's June 27, 2011 Progress Report

Masumbo water Project; is a project found at Ifunda village - Masumbo Catholic church in Iringa – Tanzania – East Africa; this project involves maintenance of one electrical water pump and construction of pump chamber and installation of a new pump which was brought by SPP from USA.

I requested 644,300/= TSH. The amount was given to Ihemi Investment Company for implementing this project, SPP – Country Representative’ Mr. Mathew Amani provided an agreement (Contract) to Aloyse Chawalla. Both two parties agreed “Ihemi Investment Company will complete these projects within 14 days and the work will be full completed on 28 June, 2011 in quality and good standards per agreement”.

Then the implementation of the projects started on 14 June, 2011, we started by purchasing equipments needed. Then the construction of the new well chamber, together with the pump cap and trench for fixing pipes with electrical wires which will be connected from the head of the old well were done effectively;

Well Pump Chamber

Well head awaiting submersible pump

Therefore; this project will be completed on Monday after the chamber got dried and installation of the pump will be done effectively and on Tuesday 28 June, 2011 hemi investment Company will handed over this project to SPP per agreement, and this well due to it’s water level is expected to provides more than 5000 liters of water per day, so due to this there is a need to purchase a poll tank of 5000 liters, I rolled this issue to the mission so as to discuss and see if they will be able to contributes on buying the Polly tank of 5000 as they requested and I will be looking for their response.

Generally the progressive of this project is in good status as the way I expected.

Another Project; was to repair an old existing electrical pump, the pump was repaired and now is working well and providing clean and safe drinking water which is used by the Community members, vocation training dormitories, dispensary, and Masumbo Padre house.   And the pump fills water to the intake of 1000 liters at Masumbo catholic mission.   Generally, this time after repairing process, the well is operating well and providing water which is safe and clean to be used for human consumption and domestic hygiene.
Well with repaired pump

1000 Liter Tanks filled with repaired pump

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