Sunday, June 26, 2011


Excerpted from Mathew Amani's June 27, 2011 Progress Report

Kilolo Star well Drillers Company arrived at Ng’ang’ange village on 24 June, 2011 guided by SPP Country Representative for the purpose of surveying and observing if they can drill a well at the hill area. The identification process was very participatory; it involved the Ward executive officer, Village executive officer, Ward Community Change Agent, Church leaders, and some community representatives.  The survey was done in different places and Kilolo Star Well Drillers Company identified one first priority point near to the Village office and Ng’ang’ange Lutheran church which is close with public settlements; the point identified found at Mtakuja Street which is above 6128 feet from the sea level, also another points were proposed too for possibilities of drilling another two wells; one point is at Primary School and another point near to the Ng’ang’ange Dispensary.

Village council representatives and church workers participating on site identification

Therefore; According to survey conducted’ the Well Drilling Crew verified there possibilities of drilling more wells at the hill areas.  The maintenance process of the previous well is expected to starts very soon at the coming next weeks.

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